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Mesoxy Organic Silicon + DMAE

It supports the formation of the collagen layer by protecting the moisture balance of the skin At the same time, it provides an anti-aging effect by supporting the aging process by bracing the muscle tone that keeps the skin alive under the skin and minimizing the signs of aging, wrinkles, sagging, and similar signs of aging brought about by this process. With its regenerating and firming effect, it is not only used for lifting the face, but also for sagging arms, abdomen, legs, and hip.

* DMAE: a natural substance found in fish, mostly sardines and salmon. It facilitates the release of a substance called “Acetylcholine” that is responsible for nerve transmission. It stimulates the formation of “phosphatidyl choline”, an important element of the cell wall. As we get older, the molecular residue accumulating in the cell decreases the accumulation of lipofuscin.

Our bodies are always exposed to gravity. Our skin is constantly pulled down by the effect of gravity. Also, our subcutaneous support tissue decreases over time. This makes it easier to sag. DMAE, by providing tightening of the skin, noticeably reduces the existing sagging and slows down its progression.

Organic Silicon: Its effect, which triggers collagen production in particular, has been supported by various scientific studies. A comparative study of organic silicone and saline injections was conducted and it was found that collagen and elastic fibrils were increased and skin tissue was improved in the skin of people who were histopathologically injected with silicone. Organic silicone is safe: In a report of the same study made after 3 years, it was found that no complications developed in the long term in the cases.


  • Mesotherapy
  • Derma Roller
  • İyontoferez
  • Elektroporasyon
  • Topikal Aplikasyon




 It is sterile. It doesn’t contain paraben, alcohol, perfumes, animal origin ingredients, silicone, and colorant.


  • 5 Ml. x 10 Ampoules

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