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Mesoxy Sodium Dna Serum / XADN

Somon DNA is a polymerized DNA obtained from salmon milk, very similar to human DNA. It has a rapid effect on the care of burns, scars, wounds, and cracks by performing damaged care and restructuring the connective tissues.

It reduces regional wrinkles. It prevents sagging caused by the reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue. It destroys the free radicals created by the sun’s harmful rays on its surface. It increases the moisture-holding capacity of the skin. It is used in old age-related moisture content.

Skin quality inevitably deteriorates with the effect of time and environmental factors. Collagen and elastic fibers must be broken down and their hyaluronic acid amount and degree change. After the age of 30, 1% collagen loss occurs every year. The skin looks matte, drier and its elasticity decreases. Somon DNA is an effective and reliable way to restore your dull-looking skin to a more vibrant, smoother, without losing the expression on your face.

DNA is the polynucleotide of the major chromosome components that construct and replicate the dextrose channels. DNA is the natural polymer presentation with the origin of all living nuclei and the genetic code within the cell nucleus. The healing effect rate of the product increases the tissue population as the polymerization increases according to the size of the DNA chain and makes the product more active. It has been observed that DNA has the power to treat damaged and reconstruct connective tissues. DNA is a substance with strong moisturizing properties without sodium. The DNA has nourishing effect on the skin and nourishing effect on the epidermic layer. It is a refreshing and structuring special on proteins, against destructions, oxidative strains, and free radicals.


  • Mesotherapy
  • Derma Roller
  • İyontoferez
  • Elektroporasyon
  • Topikal Aplikasyon




Sterildir. Paraben, alkol, parfüm, hayvansal kökenli maddeler, silikon ve renklendirici içermez.


  • 2 Ml. x 10 Ampul



2 x 10 ml.


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