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Mesoxy Laboratoires

Mesoxy Laboratoires is the latest generation of actors and offers innovative solutions with classical mesotherapy serums as well as cocktails with high scientific value added at AR-GE. Strong cocktails formulated with the synergy of the most effective active ingredients with growth factors and biomimetic peptides (natural identical molecules) ensure you get the most effective results in your advanced medical and aesthetic applications.

Mesotherapy Serums

Professional Consulting

We do our technical support and consultancy for every product we sell with our expert staff.

Precious Ideas

İnovasyon alanında “hergün daha iyiye” sloganı ile sattığımız ürünleri geliştirilmesinde en değerli fikirleri değerlendiriyoruz.

Perfect Timing

We deliver every product you buy carefully. We are communicating with the most corporate transportation company where we can not reach.


As Mesoxy, we update the product prices according to the values ​​of the sector and apply the discounts immediately.


Developing first-class solutions for our customers, we work in partnership with all major technology suppliers.

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    Turkey or our products we import from abroad, we aim to introduce to the world. We have been exporting to 9 countries in the world with the recognition we have gained since 2008 and we continue to make references worldwide. Join our growing international references.

      Mesoxy Our company has been operating in the field of both mesotherapy and micro needling since 2008. In addition to the many products it offers to its customers, it successfully carries out training activities and social activities together with its employees. Customer satisfaction is the biggest success.


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