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Our Vision

“Mesoxy’s responsibility to create a better tomorrow than today, where it operates over Turkey every point in the environmental, social and economic as to ensure continuous improvement.” In this direction, by implementing programs focused on protecting the environment, making Mesoxy a truly sustainable company through activities that benefit society constitutes the basic framework of our vision.

To make it a respected company in the field of medical cosmetics in the field of E-Commerce by performing customer relations within the framework of respect and love.

Our Mission

To produce quality products by using modern and advanced technology, by meeting the expectations with our customer-oriented perspective, To comply with our legal obligations, to respect ethical values ​​and to create a learning organization structure, to continuously increase the competence of our employees and to contribute to their social and economic development.

It is also among our goals to be quality and reliable with clinical tests, R&D studies and innovative approach, and to have a share in making women feel beautiful by offering affordable products with our affordable price policy.

  • Respect for the Community
  • Customer happiness
  • High Business Performance
  • Innovation
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Our Colleagues

The Team Behind Success

We believe that success is teamwork and we invite you to our company to meet our team. Or if you want to join this successful team please contact us.

Our company Mesoxy has been operating in the field of mesotherapy and micro-needling since 2008. In addition to many products it offers to its customers, it successfully carries out educational activities and social activities with its employees. It has adopted that the greatest success is customer satisfaction.

The products we import from Turkey or abroad, we aim to introduce to the world. With the recognition we have gained since 2008, we export to 9 countries around the world and continue to gain references around the world. Join our growing international references.


Mesoxy Mesotherapy Birth

Signatures have been signed for our mesoxy mesotherapy serums and production has started. All sales continue checking in Turkey.


A Bigger Office

Our company, which does not fit into its container, has moved to the else office building due to the expansion of its product range and the inclusion of more personnel.


E-Commerce Site

Our online sales channel, Mesoxystore.com, was established and started its commercial life



In 2008, Mesoxy was established in an office at Kartal Soğanlık by Deniz DAĞ.

With our training unit, which is one of the important values ​​of our understanding and education for every product sold, general information about the product at the time of delivery, the way of use, the points to be considered, and harmful situations are conveyed to our customers in detail. We complete the training of our internet customers with both live support and telephone consultation service.

No matter how good your product is, untrained results cannot be achieved!

Device Training
Mesotherapy Training
Micro-Needling Training
Skin Care Training

Quality Comes First in Every MesotherapyMicro NeedleSalloon DevicesMaskDermapen Product We Sell!

Professional Consulting

We provide technical support and consultancy for every product we sell with our expert staff.

Valuable Ideas

In the field of innovation, we evaluate the most valuable ideas in the development of the products we sell with the slogan “every day for the better”.

Perfect Timing

We deliver every product you buy with care. In places we cannot reach, we transmit with the most corporate transportation company.


As Mesoxy, we update our product prices according to the values ​​of the sector and apply the discounts instantly.

Our Brands

All of our brands in our structure are registered and belong to our mesoxy company. All of our brands below are our products that are actively on sale.

Our Customers

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    Mesoxy Our company has been operating in the field of both mesotherapy and micro needling since 2008. In addition to the many products it offers to its customers, it successfully carries out training activities and social activities together with its employees. Customer satisfaction is the biggest success.


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    +90 216 451 99 00